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Gothenburg Tang Soo Do Club Instructor Master Andy Ewing

Master Andy Ewing started Tang Soo Do training in State College Pennsylvania in the USA in December of 1988. He was promoted to black belt in the summer of 1994 and fourth-degree master in fall of 2011. He assisted as instructor at Summers Martial Arts from 1993 to 2000 when he started teaching a children’s class (ages 6-13) until he moved to Sweden in 2007. Shortly after arriving in Sweden, he became a student of Master Klaus Trogemann in Munich (7th-degree master). After a few months of acclamation in Sweden, chemistry students and one professor at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University asked him to begin a club to teach the martial art he liked to talk about and the late Grandmaster Shin also asked. The club has grown to a studio with about 25 members and typical class sizes about 8-12. Master Ewing likes repetition, which comes in the style of forms (patterns of movements to demonstrate control, speed, agility, and power). He also has expertise in self-defence and consistent discussed martial arts in terms of where they can be used realistically to defend yourself. He has expertise in flexible weapons for self defence and these might include a rope, a belt, a scarf, computer cord, etc. 


Master Ewing has two favorite quotes. 1) "It is not the physical that makes the master, but rather what is in the brain makes the master" (quote from the late Grandmaster Shin), and 2) “I do not fear the man who knows 10 000 techniques, I fear the man who knows 1 technique and practices it 10 000 times” (quote from Bruce Lee).


He also liked the theme of this year's European Masters’ clinic: Train Hard: Be Humble!

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