Göteborg Tang Soo Do clinic - Summer 2019:


Training weekend with Master Stefan Peters and his son Gareth Peters:


“We have invited Master Stefan Peters and his son Gareth (3rd-degree black belt) to visit from Switzerland and give us some different training. They have agreed to come July 5-7. 
They will focus a lot on hip movements to get the most out of your techniques, forms, and bong. 


Schedule for Gothenburg TSD Summer Clinic 2019

July 5

18-19:30          Basic drill with hip twisting (Linse Gym)

  •                   Basic Technics Hand and Foot in Using the Hipp

  •                   Basic Form using the Hipp

  •                   Pyung Ahn forms

19:30-20          Clean up

20:00               Social (at Ewing-Phan’s with simple food or local pub?)


July 6


8.45                 Arrive at Linse Gym

9:00 – 9:30      Ki Gong (Cade Schwartz)

9:30-9:45         Warm up – Stretching (Julie)

9:45-10-30       Basic forms with hip twisting

                        Pyung Ahn with using the hip


                        Sip Soo

                        Nai Hanchi I, II and III

10:30-10:45     Break and photo

10.45-11-30     Bong forms, techniques (with hip twisting)

11.30-12.00     Il Soo Sihk

                        Soo and Jok

                        Sword and knife

12-12:45          Dan test (Conductor: Gareth Peters)

12:45-13          Clean up

13-14               Lunch at Chemistry lunch room

14                    Tour of Gothenburg city (boat tour, weather permitting. All welcome to join)

16:55               Gareth flight leaves (need to transport to airport at about 15:30)

18                    BBQ at Ewing-Phan house (welcome to bring a significant other, just bring something extra                            for the grill!)


July 7 


8.45                 Arrive at Linse Gym

9.00 – 9.30      Ki Gong (Cade Schwartz)

9:30-9:45         Warm up Stretching (Shoko)

9:45-10:30       Self defense

10:30-10:45     Break

10:45-12          Open time for Master’s choice

12-13               Lunch at Chemistry lunch room

13-15:30          Free time to socialize


For more information and sing up please contact Master Andrew Ewing :





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